Agrifert Range of Fertiliser Brands

BioAg Fertilisers

Agrifert is the only distributor /agent of BioAg products in Tasmania. Our range of BioAg fertiliser products includes Reactive Phosphate Rock fertilisers, organic fertilisers, soil nutritions, plant nutritions, and trace elements.

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Fair Dinkum Fertilizers

At Agrifert, we sell Fair Dinkum Fertilizers brand of Agricultural and Organic products. In partnership with Fair Dinkum Fertilizers we pride ourselves in providing the best product using sustainable resources to support Tasmanian farmers and growers.

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Fish IT Fertilisers

Our Fish IT agricultural products are highly enriched with proteins, fats, omega oils and essential macro & micro-nutrients. Contact us and we will ensure that you get the right programme that will guarantee the best yield from your paddock.

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Omya Fertilisers

Agrifert range of Omya Fertilisers includes Omya Calciprill and Omya Magprill.

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Redox Fertilisers

At Agrifert we also supplies a range of Redox Fertilisers to our Tasmanian farmers and growers.

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Terragen Biotech Fertilisers

At Agrifert we partnered with Terragen to be able to supply Tasmanian farmers and growers with Great Land® and Mylo®.

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Wengfu Australia Fertilisers

At Agrifert we can supply Tasmanian farmers and growers range of Wengfu brand fertilisers.

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Guano Australia

At Agrifert we have a selected range of Guano Australia fertilisers to cater the needs of our Tasmanian farmers and growers.

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