Soil, Leaf and Tissue Testing

Soil, leaf and tissue testing (Analytical Services)
Analytical Services

Agrifert Pty Ltd in partnership our suppliers is committed to helping primary producers to achieve profitable and sustainable production. All Agrifert Pty Ltd nutritional programs are based on the use of advanced analytical services to determine the functional availability of nutrients, soil pH, soil electrical conductivity, soil compaction, plant sugar content and plant energy content. Based on this analysis, your Agrifert Pty Ltd will develop a custom-made program which delivers the right amount of plant-available nutrients and biological metabolites to:

Correct observed mineral deficiencies;
Increase microbial mass and diversity in the soil; and,
Deliver an efficient and balanced source of nutrients to plants and livestock.
Agrifert Pty Ltd nutritional programs can be developed for a wide range of dryland and irrigated agricultural and horticultural enterprises.